Grammar as a Service

For the written and spoken word.

An online service that will automatically edit text into grammatically correct sentences. This includes text which is written to a screen, or spoken via SSML.

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What does it do?

One API to rule them all

By making a single GET request to our server endpoint, you will be returned a grammar-corrected version of your input text, formatted ready for HTML, SSML (voice), and plain text.

Triple win

By understanding the nuanced differences between the written and verbal language, our system can automatically produce output for each specific device. In this way, the phrase "Gordon's Alive?" would appear in bold on an HTML device, or be played in a louder voice under Alexa.


This library is perfect for handling written news feeds because it can deduce the correct pronunciation: when you mean Polish and polish. Or when a name (such as Angela Merkel) requires a different pronunciation.


Computers read symbols literally. Humans don't. So terms like C# are spoken as 'C sharp', rather than 'C hash', and 1/4 is one quarter, and not '1 forward slash 4'.

Examples - text

On one level the GaaS system will simply fix the indefinite articles to ensure 'a' and 'an' are used correctly (which is especially helpful when sentances are constructed automatically by machine). On another it will expand initialisms (like F.B.I. and C.I.A.) to ensure they're pronounced correctly.

$endpoint/api/v1/fix?text="you found a amulet"

Will return:

{plain: "You found an amulet."}

Did you notice that it also handled the little things like full stops and capital letters?

Examples - numbers

By considering each number in the string individually, the GaaS system can use the correct plural for the word, and add commas and numeric rounding. In the written form, it will convert the number to text when appropriate, while also producing speech-friendly versions for fractions like 1/2 and 3/4.

$endpoint/api/v1/fix?text="you scored %{,d} point"&arglist=[1000]

Will return:

{plain: "You scored 1,000 points."}

File Icons

Try it out!

Try changing the number below, and see how the plural is fixed and the number is written in full.



Do you want to learn more?

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Everything here is running serverless, using Amazon Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, API gateway, and Cognito. If you ask nicely, I'm sure we'll give a presentation at your workplace or user group about how we did it!

More Information

If you wish to purchase a license, then just ask. We're a small startup and if you're in the same boat we will probably just give you free rein, any way!


There is a pre-release library available for download, at this link.